People. Integrity. Kindness.

Because giving back is what drives us forward

About The Buck Roach Foundation

The Buck Roach Foundation was launched in honor of the founder of Computype Buck Roach, who strongly believed in supporting various philanthropic causes within the community. Passing on strong ethical values and demonstrating an unparalleled importance to the concept of giving is a constant journey to improve lives.

The foundation is supported by Computype based in Roseville, MN. Computype specializes in the creation and manufacturing of unique tracking solutions to firms who require absolute precision and certainty of data. Focused on driving business growth through the success of people & community, Computype’s vision proudly includes robust strategies for community outreach and volunteering, and is proud to align itself with its founder.

What We’re
Passionate About


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to continue learning, growing, and improving. It is through continual educational opportunities that we promote personal advancement, career development, and future-ready communities.

Youth Sports Programs

Expanding beyond our dedication to health and wellness, we prioritize involvement in sports programs as a means of also fostering life skills. Leadership, teamwork, dedication, and perseverance can all be learned and strengthened through participation in physical activity.